We Proclaim This The Summer of Financial Learning

June 10, 2021
We Proclaim This The Summer of Financial Learning

If you’re a fan of Seinfeld, you might remember the ‘Summer of George,’ where after being fired from the New York Yankees, Mr. Costanza vows to use his three months of severance to create a life-changing summer season for himself. While we don’t share George’s passion for sitting around and eating large blocks of cheese, we do share his excitement for creating a life-changing summer season. This summer, our goal is to help change the future fortunes of as many young learners as possible by assisting them to start their financial learning journey.

At TDC Investment Advisory, we’re proclaiming this the ‘Summer of Financial Learning,' and calling on our clients and friends to make financial literacy an important focus for younger family members. RightTrak, our new online financial education program, is the perfect summer project for your next-gen learner. Allow them to participate in a fun, enjoyable 14 lesson curriculum containing video lessons, games, assignments, quizzes, real-life scenarios, and much more during the summer break.

At completion, each program graduate can download their RightTrak course completion certificate. Make it a goal for your family members to share this certificate with you before summer’s end where you can discuss what they’ve learned, and how they plan to apply these lessons to their everyday lives.

To help you discuss RightTrak with family members age 13 and up, download our Course Outline document here, which describes in detail each module, topics covered, and specific learning objectives throughout each lesson.

Contact your TDC adviser to learn how you can enroll your family members this summer. Not a client of TDC, but want to learn more about our RightTrak program? Reach out to us at help@myrighttrak.com.

Advisory services provided by TFO-TDC, LLC. RightTrak, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of TFO Marketing Group, an affiliated company of TFO-TDC, LLC.