TDC Launches RightTrak: Financial Education for the Next Generation

February 23, 2021
TDC Launches RightTrak: Financial Education for the Next Generation

TDC Investment Advisory Launches Its New Digital Financial Education Program for The Next Generation.

RightTrakSM seeks to help empower students with a lifetime of healthy financial habits through an enjoyable and engaging user experience.

As part of its ongoing mission to helps its clients and their families, TDC Investment Advisory has launched RightTrakSM, its brand new digital financial literacy program designed specifically to high school students, college students, and young adults the fundamental foundations of managing, protecting, growing, and sharing wealth.

"We believe there are fundamental savings and spending problems in our country," said Cleves Delp, Principal of TDC Investment Advisory. "We also believe this underlying problem stems from a lack of basic financial education that, if learned at an early age, can result in better financial decisions and life habits. We at TDC feel it's our obligation to help the next generation of our clients with the knowledge and tools necessary for success."

The RightTrakSM curriculum will consist of fourteen lessons across four distinct chapters (or “Traks” as we call them) across topics such as budgeting, spending, credit cards, banking, insurance, investing, insurance, taxes and much more. In the works for over a year, the fully online platform seeks to create a unique student experience and make financial learning fun through a series of games, quizzes, assignments, infographics, and real-life scenarios. TDC also invested in building out its own internal video studio to make video content another core component of its learning experience.

Brady Fineske, TDC Investment Advisory President, added, "our never-ending commitment to going deeper and being more for our clients led us to create RightTrak, a centralized place our clients' children and grandchildren can go to learn the life lessons that will make reaching their future goals much easier." He added, "one's financial education should never end but forming the base for good financial habits and decisions needs to start somewhere. RightTrak can serve as this starting point."

TDC has plans to build out more programs and services for the next generation of its client families in 2021. To learn more about RightTrak, visit

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