Stephanie Smith-Tremoulis, CFP®

Family Wealth Strategist

Stephanie Smith-Tremoulis has brought her past experience as a Wealth Adviser to TDC Investment Advisory Services to assist with the adviser and client needs of our Adviser Network relationships. She works with the advisers to develop, onboard and service new client relationships. She assists new advisers in their transition to TDC and allows them to maximize their time by servicing the clients and communicating with the TDC operations team.

What has been your most rewarding career experience?  

My rewards come on a daily or weekly basis. They aren’t grandiose and they don’t come with plaques or awards. Helping our clients and their families be stronger, closer, and wiser is a reminder that I am making a difference and it’s the motivation for me to get up early and do it all over again the next day.

What personal accomplishments are you most proud of?

Helping New Eve Maternity Home raise funds to care for mom’s and new babies as they get back on their feet.

Why do families need to be stronger, closer, and wiser?  

Families need to be stronger, closer and wiser because at the end of the day if you don’t have your family, who do you have? Helping families preserve their wealth, and transition it in a meaningful way is incredibly important because wealth can be the destruction of a bond that is irreplaceable. If families can properly manage their wealth and respect it, their blessings won’t become a curse.

What do you like to do outside of work? What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend?  

Spending time with family – playing with my nieces and nephews, doing stuff for my parents. Garden, read, be outside, workout. I enjoy being outside whether it’s riding horses, gardening, or just reading. When I have the opportunity I enjoy traveling off the beaten path, my latest travels have included Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Turkey.

What are some of your biggest influences?

My parents – they have always pushed us to strive for excellence, but also kept us grounded and on a faithful path. Growing up they reminded us we are here to serve others and that we must give 110%. There are a lot of successful people in the wealth management industry and its easy to get caught up in pursuing what they have accomplished, but if you fall off that faithful path the success is meaningless.