Jake Gardner

Family Wealth Adviser

What path led you to wealth management?  

Growing up, my father always worked in finance and would have conversations with me and my siblings about prudent and principled stewardship of what we are given. After taking a couple of years at Hillsdale College to determine which direction to take my studies, I easily settled on financial management as the most interesting path. I entered the industry after graduation and grew passionate about helping others manage their financial lives and helping set families up for success when making tough decisions.

Why did you join TDC?  

I had been working at a smaller financial planning firm for some time and ultimately wanted to work at a larger firm with more resources, a more developed philosophy on investments and strategies, and a strong focus on providing exceptional, fee-only advice to clients. Being familiar with TDC from my time at Hillsdale, I leaped at the opportunity to join the team here in our common mission – “Helping families be families. Stronger, Closer, and Wiser.”

What most excites you about your work?  

The most exciting part of my work is having an interaction with a client that makes a concept or plan clear to them for the very first time. Seeing the light of understanding come into their eyes and being able to help them feel confident in their plan is a reward like none other.

What has been your most rewarding career experience?  

Being entrusted with the financial future and wellbeing of my clients – both by TDC and by the clients themselves – is the most rewarding accomplishment. The faith they put in me to carefully and effectively carry out the explanation and implementation of their plan is something I am exceedingly proud of and do not take for granted.

What personal accomplishments are you most proud of?  

Without a doubt, the most treasured accomplishments are being a husband to my wife, Lydia, and father to my girls, Adeline and Lorelai. Watching them grow in faith and stature is the greatest joy of my life.

Why do families need to be stronger, closer, and wiser?  

The wealthiest people are the ones who are surrounded in community and love by family. As families build their financial and material wealth, it is important to have a defined and measurable process to connect their wealth and purpose, so they know what that wealth is really for. Making families stronger, closer, and wiser enriches relationships, fosters joy, and generates prudent stewardship of the Lord’s gifts.

What do you like to do outside of work? What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend?  

Our family ultimately enjoys being among our loved ones, the family and friends with whom we are closest. The activities are secondary, but they would include being outdoors – at a park, at a lake, or around a campfire – and watching our favorite sports together (preferably baseball)!

What are some of your biggest influences?

The greatest influences in my life are the quality people the Lord has surrounded me with. My father and mother, who helped build my foundation of faith and raised me into a young man. My wife, to whom I have been married since 2016 and encourages me in becoming a better person. And my friends, all of whom are good people spurring each other on through life’s opportunities.