TDC Investment Advisory Shows Olympic Spirit

August 22, 2016
TDC Investment Advisory Shows Olympic Spirit

To get into the Olympic Spirit, our team members participated in an "Office Olympics," where they each took part in several office related activities in search of the coveted Golden Stapler. It was a quick and fun way to build some camaraderie while also having some fun along the way.

Take a look below for the descriptions of some of the activities along with some photos from the events.

Monday - Paper Airplane Golf
We made our own paper airplanes and had three holes to complete. 1st hole in West Conference Room, 2nd hole in South Conference Room, & 3rd hole was outside.
Just like golf, the lowest score won.

Tuesday – Cornhole
Played in pairs. Three rounds with the highest combined scores taking home the win.
Since we were aiming for the highest score, there was no resetting at 21.

Wednesday – Yard Yahtzee
Played in pairs
You got 12 rolls (no second rolling like the actual and MUST fill in one of the categories on each roll.  If you couldn’t match a category, you had to take a 0 in one of them.
Highest score combined pairs score won.

Thursday – Office Supply Relay
Team of 4 went through a times relay, one team at a time. Fastest time wins!
Four events – Staple Pull, Paperclip Chain, Push It Push, and Eraser Bounce
Play relay style…next person can’t start until the person before is finished.