Stronger, Closer, and Wiser

Helping Families Be Families. Stronger, Closer, and Wiser.

At TDC, we like to think we help our clients fulfill their long-term vision, their perfect world. While helping our clients get to their desired finish line is something we cherish, our purpose as a firm goes much deeper. Ironically, this purpose has little to do with the investment advice we provide. For us, this purpose is the reason we get out of bed in the morning and look forward to coming to work each and every day; that purpose is to help families and it’s directly connected to everything we do.

We share an understanding that we are charged with a very important task, a focus that transcends the limits of what traditional wealth managers might offer. We help families:

  • Keep thanksgiving about thanksgiving
  • Better understand what their wealth is really for
  • Align their wealth with their long-term goals and values
  • Connect how their wealth can contribute meaning, purpose and happiness to their lives
  • Maintain and grow their wealth together for generations to come 

We believe life and wealth don’t need to be so complex. When you’ve met a team who genuinely cares about you and your family, who listens to what’s important to you, and can connect those beliefs and values with your financial goals, you’ve found that beautiful place where you can focus on what really matters. And you’ve found a team to help your family be a family. Stronger, closer, and wiser.