Our Approach

Focus on What You Can Control

At TDC, our approach to helping families be families is based on one simple premise: to help our clients find that beautiful place between what’s most important to them and the things they can control in regards to their investments.

When we have a conversation with you, we focus on understanding how you see your wealth contributing meaning and happiness to your life. We find that families stay better connected when they see their wealth and values aligned, and by doing so, each can simplify the process to reaching their long-term financial objectives.

Examples of Things That Might Matter to Your Family:

  • Financial security –will I have enough? Will my family have enough?
  • Not spending more than you make
  • Am I on track to meet my financial objectives?
  • Have I properly planned for the future? 

Examples of Things You Can Control:

  • The funds you buy
  • Cost
  • The adviser you choose
  • Spending habits
  • Proper diversification

Our approach to helping families understand what they should focus on is guided by four principals we believe every investor should look for in their wealth manager. They should:

  1. Be independent
  2. Be held to a fiduciary standard
  3. Be experienced
  4. Have an investment philosophy they never have to apologize for