Fi • du • ci • ar • y

“One that stands in a special relation of trust, confidence, or responsibility in certain obligations to others”

The fiduciary duty is generally considered the highest legal duty that one party can have to another, and we take that duty very seriously. While many may say they have your best interests first, saying it and being legally bound to act in this manner are two very different things.

Fiduciary vs. Suitability – Don’t be Fooled

Non-Fiduciary Brokers

Suitable advice will often suffice

In some situations, a broker is not obligated to act as a fiduciary.
Do their recommendations most benefit you and your family or them?

TDC’s Fiduciary Standard

Clients’ best interest is our legal obligation

By choice – and by legal requirement – our investment advice and actions must be suitable and in your best interest at all times.