Our Purpose and Mission

Our Mission

To be more for our clients. We believe the advice and guidance we provide transcends traditional money management and what most advisers might offer. We believe to fulfill our mission, we need to be so much more for our client families and touch the various parts of their financial life.

Our Purpose

To help families thrive by helping them connect their wealth and purpose. We do this by providing personalized guidance in the financial life management of successful families and businesses.

What We Believe Makes Us Different

We Live Our Core Values

We live each day with purpose and passion through our five core value tenets we seek in each TDC colleague – care, do what you say you’re going to do, be a selfless, “fun” teammate, be technically proficient, and be more for our clients and their families.

We Invest with Discipline, Courage, and Conviction

Our investment philosophy differs from the ‘norm.’ Our investment principles do not rely on predictions and prognostications and we do not believe emotions should guide investment behavior. Instead, our efforts are guided by certain core beliefs about markets, diversification, and investment trade-offs, leading us to a different investment conclusion based on decades of academic research and empirical evidence.

We Deliver Tailored, (Generational) Family Office Solutions

We understand each family and business situation is unique and thus, requires customized guidance and solutions. We take the time to discuss and understand how you want your wealth to influence you and your family/business. We believe our ability to connect your wealth and purpose is what sets us apart.

What “Being More” For You Means to Our Team

Being more isn’t situational. It’s a way of life. Thinking of others before yourself, going the extra mile even if you know no one will see it. Exuding positivity and leadership.

TDC Investment Advisory Team Member

Be more everything…caring, productive, do as much as possible for the client and their family.

TDC Investment Advisory Team Member

Having accountability to yourself, your team, and your clients to provide the best work/service you have in your ability to provide while also pushing yourself to never stop learning.

TDC Investment Advisory Team Member

Going the extra mile, doing the unexpected, thinking holistically about a family’s plan, and creating an exceptional client experience.

TDC Investment Advisory Team Member