Introducing Our New Logo & Website

July 19, 2016
Introducing Our New Logo & Website

At TDC Investment Advisory, we take tremendous pride in the work we do and wholeheartedly believe we are charged with a very important task - to help families be families - stronger, closer, and wiser.

We take this role very seriously, which is why it serves as the backbone of our new logo and website, both of which we are thrilled to introduce to you today.

What's most important is not what we do, but instead why we do it. We are a firm with a purpose, and we believe that purpose transcends the limits of what traditional wealth managers might offer.

Although we enjoy helping our clients pursue their long-term financial goals, what we get most excited about is helping our clients and their families align their wealth with their specific purpose. By doing so, we can help each family better understand what their wealth is really for and how it can contribute meaning, purpose, and happiness to their lives.

Helping families be families  - stronger, closer, and wiser. This is our "why."

Our new logo mark represents our commitment to helping families collaborate and work in unison towards their financial goals. Everyone is seated at the table together to create enduring wealth while becoming stronger, closer, and wiser in the process.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website where you can learn more about our mission of helping families be families, our experienced team, as well as our thought leadership and knowledge base.