A Track Record of Performance

As you know, Dimensional funds is one of the primary tools we use in the development of our evidence-based, globally diverse portfolios.

From time-to-time, clients reference Morningstar and their rating system as it relates to Dimensional funds. There is an inherent survivorship bias, because many funds that were around fifteen years ago are no longer around today.

Attached is a report you may find valuable. Over fifteen years, Dimensional is...

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Presidential Election and the Stock Market - Aftermath

As you may remember, a couple of weeks ago we posed the question "should we behave differently with our investment portfolio based on the outcome of this year's election?"

In light of the various headlines this since the election results were finalized, our answer today remains the same as it did then - regardless of who won the election, the intrinsic value of the companies you own as part of your...

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The Active-Passive Powerhouse: DFA Featured in The Wall Street Journal

Recently, The Wall Street Journal's Jason Zweig profiled Dimensional Fund Advisors, an important investment tool used in structuring our globally diverse, evidence-based portfolios.

The article is available below. We encourage you to take a few moments to review.


Advisory services provided by TFO-TDC, LLC.

This article has been written by a third party and is being provided for informational purposes only and does not...

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Presidential Elections and the Stock Market

Should we behave differently with our investment portfolio in light of the upcoming presidential election?

Equity markets can help investors grow their assets, but investing is a long-term endeavor. Trying to make investment decisions based upon the outcome of presidential elections is unlikely to result in reliable excess returns. At best, any positive outcome based on such a strategy will likely be the result of random luck. At worst, it...

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How Would You Have Done?

As you have heard on many occasions, we don't pretend to know good stocks from bad stocks. We don't pretend to know when the market is going up or when it is going down. We refrain from making predictions and prognostications and we do not believe emotions should guide investment behavior. Instead, our efforts are guided by certain core beliefs about markets, and diversification based on decades of academic research...

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The Art of the Free Throw

With March Madness now wrapped up, this year's tournament saw no shortage of upsets. In listening to commentators breakdown these upsets, one couldn't help but notice how many highlighted poor free throw shooting, especially in the games' closing moments, as the key factor in determining a team's success or failure.

What causes a player who historically converts 80-90% of his free throws to transform into someone unable to hit the...

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The Market and Photography: An Interesting Perspective on 2015

As we start to see signs of Spring, many of us might reflect back over the winter and holiday season and wonder where the time went. It is during these reflections I often look at the numerous photos I’ve taken with my phone during each of the many family gatherings over the last few months, and I give thanks for the 64 gigabytes of memory that allows me to capture...

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