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Uniting Wealth and Goals Is What We Do

We are a wealth advisory firm with a purpose – to help families be families. We strive to help affluent families and successful businesses build a plan around their unique goals and values.

When you work with us, we believe issues can feel less complex – less of a burden. If families and institutions gain peace of mind by working with us and are able to live with purpose, that will be our greatest accomplishment.

Who We Serve

TDC Investment Advisory (TDC) provides objective investment advice to individual and institutional investors. Our disciplined approach to investing best serves those looking to unite their goals with a long-term vision designed to create enduring wealth for generations to come.

TDC strives to help families be stronger, closer, and wiser by providing the advice, resources, and education needed so they can focus on what is most important in their lives.
TDC is experienced in working with many types of retirement plans and takes a consultative approach to finding the right solution for you and your employees.

You Deserve A Better Investment Experience

10 Dimensions of our Investment Philosophy


Our investment philosophy is guided by certain core beliefs about markets, diversification, and investment trade-offs leading us to a different investment conclusion based on decades of academic research and empirical evidence.

Here are 10 dimensions we believe any investor should adhere to when Pursuing a Better Investment Experience.

TDC Investment Advisory is thrilled to announce that we have been recognized as a Top Workplace for the third consecutive year by the Toledo Bade. We thank our entire team for their hard work and dedication in helping to build a collaborative, fun, and committed team environment. We are blessed with a tremendous team of professionals and look forward to continue to build on our strong team culture going forward.
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We are firm believers that knowledge is power. By connecting your wealth with our wisdom, you and your family can be better prepared for your financial journey.

Welcome to our Wealth & Wisdom Knowledge Base, empowering stronger, closer, and wiser families through thought leadership.

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